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****Article 2, Section 2, Clauses 2 and 3: James Madison, Letters of Helvidius, nos. 1--4
... by a regard to the particular government of England, to which one of them owed allegiance 1 ; and the other professed an admiration bordering on idolatry. Montesquieu, however, has rather distinguished himself by enforcing the reasons and the importance of avoiding a confusion of the several powers ...
 ***Popular Basis of Political Authority: James Otis, The Rights of the British Colonies Asserted and Proved
... . It is evidently contrary to the first principles of reason, that supreme unlimited power should be in the hands of one man. It is the greatest "idolatry, begotten by flattery, on the body of pride", that could induce one to think that a single mortal should be able to hold so great a power, if ever ...
  **Republican Government: Thomas Paine, Common Sense
Independence Hall Home Search Contents Indexes Help Eagle 4 Republican Government CHAPTER 4 | Document 4 Thomas Paine, Common Sense 10 Jan. 1776 Life 2:97--110, 114--20, 120--22 On the Origin and Design of Government in General, With Concise Remarks on the English Constitution Some writers have ...
   *Rights: Thomas Jefferson to James Madison
... in number and weight of character. The rising race are all republicans. We were educated in royalism: no wonder if some of us retain that idolatry still. Our young people are educated in republicanism. An apostacy from that to royalism is unprecedented and impossible. I am much pleased with the prospect ...
   *Amendment I (Religion): Carolina Fundamental Constitutions
... .] Ninety-seven. But since the natives of that place, who will be concerned in our plantation, are utterly strangers to Christianity, whose idolatry, ignorance, or mistake gives us no right to expel or use them ill; and those who remove from other parts to plant there will unavoidably be of different ...

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