Amendments V and VI

Document 19

Delaware Declaration of Rights and Fundamental Rules

11 Sept. 1776Sources 339

13. That Trial by Jury of Facts where they arise is one of the greatest Securities of the Lives, Liberties and Estates of the People.

14. That in all Prosecutions for criminal Offenses, every Man hath a Right to be informed of the Accusation against him, to be allowed Counsel, to be confronted with the Accusers or Witnesses, to examine Evidence on Oath in his Favour, and to a speedy Trial by an impartial Jury, without whose unanimous Consent he ought not to be found Guilty.

15. That no Man in the Courts of common Law ought to be compelled to give Evidence against himself.

The Founders' Constitution
Volume 5, Amendments V and VI, Document 19
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Sources of Our Liberties. Edited by Richard L. Perry under the general supervision of John C. Cooper. [Chicago:] American Bar Foundation, 1952.

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