Amendment I (Petition and Assembly)

Document 4

The Tumultuous Petition Act 13 Chas. 2, st. 1, c. 5 (1661)

. . . no person or persons whatsoever shall repaire to his Majesty or both or either of the Houses of Parliament upon p[re]tence of presenting or delivering any peticion complaint remonstrance or declaracion or other addresses accompanied with excessive number of people nor att any one time with above the number of ten persons upon pain of incurring a penalty not exceeding the sum of one hundred pounds in money and three months imprisonment . . . for every offence which offence to be prosecuted at the Court of Kings Bench or att the assizes or generall quarter sessions within six monthes after the offence committed and proved by two or more credible witnesses.

2. Provided alwaies that this Act or any thing therein contained shall not be construed to extend to debar or hinder any person or persons not exceeding the number of ten aforesaid to present any publique or private greivance or complaint to any member or members of Parliament after his election and during the continuance of the Parliament or to the Kings Majesty for any remedy to bee thereupon had nor to extend to any address whatsoever to his Majesty by all or any the members of both or either Houses of Parliament during the sitting of Parliament but that they may enjoye theire freedome of accesse to his Majesty as heretofore hath beene used.

The Founders' Constitution
Volume 5, Amendment I (Petition and Assembly), Document 4
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