Amendment V

Document 11

Delaware Declaration of Rights and Fundamental Rules

11 Sept. 1776Sources 339

10. That every Member of Society hath a Right to be protected in the Enjoyment of Life, Liberty and Property; and therefore is bound to contribute his Proportion towards the Expense of that Protection, and yield his personal Service when necessary, or an Equivalent thereto; but no Part of a Man's Property can be justly taken from him, or applied to public Uses without his own Consent or that of his legal Representatives; Nor can any Man that is conscientiously scrupulous of bearing Arms in any Case be justly compelled thereto if he will pay such Equivalent.

. . . . .

12. That every Freeman for every Injury done him in his Goods, Lands or Person, by any other Person, ought to have Remedy by the Course of the Law of the Land, and ought to have Justice and Right for the Injury done to him freely without Sale, fully without any Denial, and speedily without Delay, according to the Law of the Land.

The Founders' Constitution
Volume 5, Amendment V, Document 11
The University of Chicago Press

Sources of Our Liberties. Edited by Richard L. Perry under the general supervision of John C. Cooper. [Chicago:] American Bar Foundation, 1952.

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