§ 9. Use parallel phrasing for parallel ideas.



Revise the following sentences to cure the unparallel phrasing:


Revise the following sentences to cure the unparallel phrasing:


Rewrite the following paragraph from a loan agreement so that you highlight the parallel phrases. The parenthetical letters--except for "(A)"--have been deleted. Simply reinsert the missing parenthetical letters "(B)" and "(C)" for the phrases that are parallel to the phrase introduced by "(A)." Study the passage first. Once you've decided where the letters should go, set off the listed items separately (see § 34). You might want to edit the sentence, of course. But be careful not to change the meaning.

2.1 No Default or Violation of the Law. The execution and delivery of this Loan Agreement, or the bond indenture, and any other transaction documents by the Authority, will not result in a breach of the terms of, or constitute a default under, (A) any indenture, mortgage, deed of trust, lease, or other instrument to which the Authority is a party or by which it or any of its property is bound or its bylaws or any of the constitutional or statutory rules or regulations applicable to the Authority or its property.

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